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Biseulsan NRC

Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest
Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest is found on Biseulsan Mountain (1,084 meters above sea level) in the southern part of Daegu. The mountain is rich with prized natural and cultural heritage, which includes the block stream protected as Korea’s Natural Monument No. 435; the millennium-old Yugasa and Sojaesa temples; the standing stone statue of the Buddha in Yongbongdong; and the three-story stone pagoda at Daegyeonsa Temple. Lush green forests, log cabins, resort facilities, a youth training camp, camping site, and other tourist amenities provide the perfect spot for relaxation that mixes modern conveniences with nature.

The vast meadow at 1,000 meters above sea level, sprawling over an area of a million square meters, is covered with pink azalea blossoms beginning in late April. These waves of azalea blossoms are followed by countless wild flowers that throng the ridge between Daegyeonbong Peak and Johwabong Peak and rhododendrons beginning in early May. The forest is a family-friendly place for relaxation and camping in the summer, greeting visitors with scenic silver grass blossoms and the changing leaves of fall, and exciting intrepid hikers with its magnificent snow-covered peaks and trekking trails in the winter. It draws a steady stream of visitors all year round.

The famous delicacies around the forest include Hyeonpung gomtang soup (beef broth), the Yuga chicken stir-fry, and duck boiled in medicinal herbs. The forest is also surrounded by other tourist-friendly facilities, including saunas and hot springs. Make the most of your vacation in the embrace of nature at Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest.
Address 230 Hyuyangnim-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
Telephone no. 053) 659-4400~1
Features & amenities Lodging facilities, camping site, Mountainous Culture Center, Firefly Vehicles (electric)
Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest Transportation
Public transportation

Daegu ↔ Hyeonpung: There is a direct bus departing from Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal in Daegu every 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take ordinary public bus no. 600 or Dalseong-5 from downtown Daegu. These buses are available on the weekends and national holidays only (with stops at Daegeok Station, Daewon High School, Hwawon High School, Okpo Nonghyup, Nongong-eup Office, Dalseong Industrial Complex, Hyeonpung, and Biseulsan Forest).

※ Bus Nos. 600 and Dalseong-5 (available every 40 to 60 minutes). For other transportation services, contact:Changseong Passengers Service, Tel. (054) 956-5753 / Hyeonpung Private Taxi, Tel. (054) 611-0404 / Chamkkot Taxi, Tel. (054) 611-6500

By car

Daegu Arboretum - Technopolis - daero (Iyongsinseong Underground Road) - Yugasa Intersection - Take a left at Hyuyangnim Intersection.

Hyeonpung IC/National Road No. 5: Technopolis-daero - Take a right at Hyuyangnim Intersection.

Enter "Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest Management Office” into your GPS device or look up "Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest Public Parking Lot” on the Internet.